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Maximum effectiveness by combining various wavelengths

Skin brightening treatment

Acne care

Pain relief

Scalp treatment

Redness reduction


Operating from a single LED panel, this system effortlessly integrates into any practice. With four treatments and multiple wavelengths available in a single-panel platform, it effectively stimulates skin cells across various layers to combat the effects of aging and environmental factors.


415 nm Blue Light

Reduces active acne

Normalizes oil production

Promotes skin calming and relaxation

Assists in bacteria elimination

Prevents breakouts

Provides deep cleansing

Shrinks enlarged pores

585 nm Yellow Light

Stimulates the nervous and lymphatic system

Regenerates damaged tissues

Decreases skin redness & flushing

Alleviates skin irritation

Reduces rosacea

660 nm Red Light

Stimulates collagen and elastin production

Smoothens skin texture

Enhances skin elasticity

Boosts circulation and lymph drainage

Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial hyperpigmentation

Suitable for bald head and psoriasis treatment

830 nm IR Light

Provides pain relief

Stimulates fibroblasts proliferation

Offers anti-aging benefits to the body

Rejuvenates the skin

Supports cell regeneration

Accelerates wound healing

Improves blood circulation

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