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Our company, AMI, since its inception, has held a steadfast vision: to create values to human life through the development of pioneering medical technologies. Our unwavering dedication to this goal is mirrored in our strategic investment strategy, with a consistent allocation of over 10% of our annual revenue directed toward research and development endeavors. This unrelenting commitment serves as the bedrock for our sustained growth, propelling us to expand our sphere of influence across multiple domains, including dermatology, aesthetics, surgery, dentistry, cosmetics, and veterinary care.

Through our persistent pursuit of innovation and technological advancement, we have cultivated a rich tapestry of expertise and knowledge. This formidable foundation empowers us to not only broaden our reach but also enables us to diversify and venture into various facets of the medical landscape. As we embark on this transformative journey, we eagerly anticipate forging ahead in tandem with our esteemed global partners and customers. Together, we strive to foster a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, fostering positive change through our unwavering commitment to innovation. Our goal transcends borders; it is about enriching lives worldwide, leaving an indelible mark by enhancing healthcare standards and fundamentally improving the human experience.

We eagerly anticipate our journey alongside our esteemed global partners and customers, driving positive change through innovation and enriching lives worldwide.

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