1. Application
- Skin Rejuvenation - Wrinkle, fine lines - Large pore
- Acne scar - Skin resurfacing - Skin tightening
- Lunch peel - Rubbing mode - Stretch mark
2. Technology
1) Strong points for fractional laser with RF excited tube
- Thermal damage on the skin can be considerably reduced by using ultra pulse laser beam.
- DermaXel installed high quality Galvano motor for the fast, precise and safe treatment. Also the treatment method is very convenient because it can adjust beam density and size with easy.
- Unlikely existing other device, DermaXel is added multiful functions such as rubbing mode which other maximize the treatment result.
- Patients can do daily life very soon after treatment because
- downtime is very short.

3. Performance

Laser source
laser type RF sealed off CO2 laser
Wavelength 10.6㎛
Mode structure TEM00
Energy per Dot 1~60mJ
Beam spot size 100㎛
Density level 5 steps ( 2~2,500 dots)
Scan shape Square, Circle, Triangle
Scan Area Size 2Ⅹ2mm~20Ⅹ20mm
Scan Pattern Array, Grid, Random
Over Lap Shot 1~5 Shot
Repeat Time 0, 500, 1000, 1500ms, Single
Operating Handpiece 50mm focal scanner handpiece
Function (general mode)
Output Mode CW, Super Pulse, Ultra Pulse
Pulse duration 100~3,000 us
Repeat time 1~1,000ms, single
Operating handpiece 50mm & 100mm focal handpiece
Guide beam
Medium Semiconductor Laser (LD)
Wavelength 655nm
Step adjustable Adjustable
Output power less than 5mw
General Features
Display Touch screen 8" color LCD
Beam delivery 7 joints articulated arm
Actuator Covered foot switch
Power Input and Frequency 220-240V~, 50/60Hz
Cooling System Air cooling
Dimension 400(W)×390(D)×1000(H) mm
Weight 50㎏